About the Theme

The theme Back to Basics – Building A Strong CERT Foundation will be the main focus for the 7th Edition Company Emergency Response Team (CERT) Seminar where insightful discussions and strong debates focusing on building an effective standard operation procedure in Emergency Response Plan. Industry experts and panelists will explore the best practices of potential emergency scenarios and understanding them in order to come up with defined effective plans and procedures that can aid to control damage to the facility and environment. The seminar will also take a deep dive into discussing latest regulatory compliance as well as current efforts carried out SCDF enforcement in making sure the industry stays relevant and prepared towards any upcoming unforeseen circumstances.

A-CERTS strives to explore for latest methodologies and strategies where immediate actions can be taken to stabilize an incident and minimize potential damage which will be the key factors to establish a robust CERT in an organization. The one-day seminar where Fire Safety and Emergency Responders have the opportunity to be aware of the latest best practices of building and sustaining an effective CERT Foundation in an organization.