About Us​

Since the gazette of the Fire Safety (Petroleum & Flammable Materials) Regulations in 2005 and introduction of Company Emergency Response Team (CERT) requirements, a significant number of people in the workplaces have been trained to handle fire & other workplace emergencies. Timely intervention within the first few minutes of an incident is critical and often determined the outcome of the whole incident. A high number of workplace emergencies were effectively brought by under control by CERT before SCDF arrival. This has heightened the awareness within the business communities in the recognising the importance of having an effective Emergency Response Team on site.

With the growing pool of trained emergency responders across all industries, an idea was mooted to establish a network and a platform for this unique community to come together and share their experiences. 

The Association of Company Emergency Response Teams (Singapore) or “A-CERTS” is established with support from Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF).

The Mission of A-CERTS is to promote continual development, professionalism and excellence in the field of Emergency Response & Crisis Management. A-CERTS will work with the relevant Government Agencies in the development and enhancement of programs and standards relating to emergency response. It will also create a platform to share valuable information & professional development opportunities for members.